The Minnesota Financial Worker and Case Aide Association (MFWCAA) is a professional organization of over 750 county and tribal agency staff, representing thousands of their peers and colleagues throughout the state. Since our inception in 1969, MFWCAA has been recognized by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and we have been instrumental in gaining increased respect for financial workers and case aides throughout Minnesota.

MFWCAA sponsors a fall conference directly related to our current needs. Members (all county/agency staff) choose the topics and speakers, and set the agenda. If you ask a MFWCAA member about what they thought of the last conference, we’re confident their response will be “Tremendous! It exceeded all expectations.” This is an opportunity for financial workers and case aides throughout Minnesota to speak out and improve the system we work in each day, and we hope you join us in our venture!



Other fun facts about our organization include:

If you’d like to help realize this vision, join us today!