January 2019 Newsletter


Greetings everyone!  December is quickly coming to an end, while 2019 is eagerly waiting to begin!  This is exactly how many of the MFWCAA board members feel as we are already digging into plans for the next conference.  We appreciate everyone who completed their conference survey—your input is always helpful as we move forward.  The new year also brings a new membership season.  MFWCAA membership runs from January 1 – December 31 each year—registration forms are included in this newsletter.  Becoming a member by the Early Bird deadline helps us determine numbers for conference planning and regional meeting events.  Please encourage your co-workers to sign up early!

Two of our board members have recently ended their position on the board: Teryl Waughtal served as the Region 2 Representative and also as Secretary for the board.  Her term expired.  Stephanie Wiley served as the Region 7 Representative and as Vice President.  She has accepted a supervisory position in Stearns County.  I’d like to thank Teryl and Stephanie for their years of service to the board—they were a great asset to the team and will be missed!   MFWCAA is in need of Representatives for Region 1 and Region 2.  Please
consider serving – it is a great opportunity to help
promote training and professionalism for all workers, as well as increase your network of resources throughout the state and at DHS.  Anyone interested may contact myself or another board member.

I am excited to announce that MFWCAA is working to develop a partnership with the Minnesota Fraud Investigators Association (MFIA).  MFIA has recently had several opportunities to meet with legislators to share information about fraud, waste, and abuse occurring in the programs we work with.  MFIA recognizes that workers are the best resource regarding situations, procedures, policies, or even computer systems that contribute to waste or abuse of public programs.  The collective goal is to improve the integrity and effectiveness of public assistance programs for the people we serve.

Thank you for your support of MFWCAA and its mission.  Happy New Year everyone!

Andrea Nachreiner



Tami Simonson from Nicollet County is the winner of the 2018 Financial Worker/Case Aide of the Year Award. Tami was nominated by 5 different people this year.  She is courteous and knowledgeable when she is interacting with co-workers. Tami will seek out an answer to complete a task so that medical care can occur to make the lives of the children and families that we all work with better.  Tami is the go to person for many different units within her county. She is attentive, hardworking and open to questions and concerns. Tami is genuine, respectful, a team leader and cheerleader with a perpetual positive ‘can do’ attitude.  Tami has been selected for a leadership development group in the county, is a METS mentor and attended monthly trainings at DHS for almost 2 years.  She has served as MFWCAA Region 9 Representative, President Elect, President and Past President.

If you know someone that you think is deserving of this award, nominate them! Attached to this newsletter is the 2019 Financial Worker/Case Aide of the Year Nomination Form.  The nominations must be postmarked or submitted online by 06/30/19.  Our mailing address and website are listed below.  Contact Demi Rumsey at demi.rumsey@kcmn.us with any questions.


Minnesota Financial Worker & Case Aide Association
PO Box 361
Grand Rapids, MN 55744



$25 Cash Drawings:
Donna Brevig – Winona County
Jennifer Benson – Winona County
Desiree Larson – Carver County
Katie Halbert – Sherburne County
Kaycie Tohm – Aitkin County
Katie Denoble – Wilkin County
Audra Quandt – Goodhue County
Shirley Luhmann – McLeod County

Vendor Game Winners ($10 Cash):
Chris Schneider – Blue Earth County
Vi Warner – Olmsted County
Kim Nykanen – Hubbard County
Janelle Huerd – Marshall County
Maira Vera – Blue Earth County
Katie Wendler – Blue Earth County
Hannah Martinson – Benton County
Jennifer Severson – Rice County
Lori Hengel – Olmsted County
Tami Lundberg – Big Stone County

Random Drawing Winners:
Julie Jacobs – Carver County
Colleen Nelson – Pine County
Amber Trombley – Sherburne County
Beth Mulso – Des Moines Valley HHS
Maggie Bryce – Douglas County
Mandi Jackson – Lake County
Nick Anderson – Wabasha County


Thank you to those who completed the survey. Most of the results were positive. Unfortunately the board does not have any control over the hotel staff ~ long lines at check-in, dirty rooms, rude staff, cold food ~ but your comments were passed on to Crowne Plaza. Since they are unable to accommodate our needs, we will not be utilizing their venue for future conferences.

At our next conference, we will try to offer sessions that cater to both new and experienced workers so sessions are beneficial to everyone. However, we do have workers that specialize and those that do not so we cannot tailor all sessions towards a particular program. We try to offer various sessions for all programs but are dependent on DHS staff and their availability. Please let any board member know what sessions you would like to see offered in the future. We will try our best to offer something for everyone.

We still have some things to work on and will work diligently to make sure conference in 2019 is better than ever!

If you know of any vendors in the Mankato area, please reach out to them and see if they would be interested in having a booth with us. We will be at the Verizon Wireless Center and will have plenty of space to fill.

Again thank you to all who completed the survey. If you have any further comments, suggestions or complaints, please contact me.

Happy Holidays!

~ Tara Vander Steen, Past President

Your name will be entered in a drawing to win a $25 gift card if your membership dues are postmarked by 02/28/19.  Remember the 2019 Scholarship Applications are also due no later than 02/28/19.

The 2019 MFWCAA Fall Conference is October 23-25, 2019 at the Verizon Center in Mankato.


  • Attached is the 2019 Scholarship Application. You can also request one from your Region Rep or any board member.
  • The Scholarship Applications must be postmarked by 02/28/19 or the application will be disqualified.
  • The Scholarship Application can also be submitted online at www.mfwcaa.org. They must also be submitted by 02/28/19.
  • The related member’s 2019 MFWCAA membership dues must also be paid by 02/28/19 or the application will be disqualified.
  • Make sure to fill out the application completely and legibly.
  • Remember two letters of recommendation (one from a non-related adult and the second from a non-related teacher, instructor or employer). Your letters of recommendation must be on letterhead.


The Scholarship Committee would like to thank all who donated a basket for the 2018 raffle. We had 35 baskets this past year (we had 31 in 2017) and with your help, we were able to raise $4,059 (we raised $5,562 in 2017) for the Scholarship fund!!!

Thank you to everyone who put together and donated baskets as well as those of you who purchased raffle tickets. The amount of work and creativity we see every year never ceases to amaze us! It’s time to start thinking of basket ideas for 2019!

The Scholarship Committee awarded prizes for the most ticket sales (1st and 2nd), creativity (3rd), and a random drawing:

  • First Place Prize went to Carver County
  • Second Place Prize went to Ramsey County
  • Most Creative went to Sherburne County
  • Random Drawing went to Region 6


Hi, my name is Tedi Peterson. I am very excited to become the new Region 7 Representative.  I have been with Sherburne County for going on five years and with Health and Human Services for three as a Financial Worker.  I have enjoyed working with Federal, State and local resources that assist with economic stability.  I am excited for representing and planning of future events for the MFWCAA.  Prior to moving to Minnesota my family and I made the long haul decision to move from Arizona where I am a native and lived for the first 42 years of my life.  I have a wonderful husband and five beautiful children.  My favorite thing to do is boating!  The main reason that brought us here to Minnesota.  Thanks again everyone!

My name is Jill Gunderson. My husband Ryan and I have been married for 16 years.  We have two daughters (Ali, 14 and Molly, 12) who keep us busy with sporting events and dance recitals.  I have been a Case Aide for Swift County Human Services since January 2018.  In my “free time,” I enjoy reading, watching movies and playing bar bingo!  I’m excited to be the new Case Aide Representative!

Hi y’all! My name is Tanis Waibel, the new representative for Region 9.  I am both excited and a little nervous to be embarking on this new adventure as I have some ENORMOUS shoes to fill!  I have been an Eligibility Worker since April 2017.  It seems that all of my adult life I have worked in roles where I serve others, whether it was my time as my church’s office administrator or when I owed my own coffee shop in Fairfax, MN where I live with my 18 (holy cow!) year old daughter.  My role as an Eligibility Worker is in our family SNAP and Cash unit.  I also handle Title IVE Foster Care cases.  I work closely with our Employment Services Counselors and our Child Protection Social Workers as well as my fellow Income Maintenance Unit.  I have to say, we are a close knit bunch!  We have even been known to pull a prank or two.  I am looking forward to getting to know more of you out there and hope I can serve Region 9 well!

2017 – 2018 MFWCAA Board Members
Front Row: Katie Nelson (Secretary/Region 5 Rep), Demi Rumsey (Region 6 Rep), Tami Elich (Treasurer/Region 3 Rep), Andrea Nachreiner (President Elect/Region 9 Rep), Stephanie Wiley (Vice President/Region 7 Rep), Kristen Kasim (Region 11A Rep), Cara Wright (Region 10 Rep), & Deb Mickelson (Region 4 Rep)
Back Row:  Tara Vander Steen (President), Teryl Waughtal (Region 2 Rep), Jessica Buckentin (Region 11 Rep), Bridget Fusco (DHS HC Liaison), Stacie Schubring (Region 11B Rep), Angela Carlson (DHS CCAP Liaison), Karie Vogel (DHS Liaison), and Larissa Rasmussen (Region 8 Rep)





Katie Nelson

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