FW/CA of the Year Nomination

A financial worker at a computer workstation.

Kind,┬ácaring,┬áhard working, one of a kind. The best! You know him or her…we know you do! We want to hear about them! This person loves their job and excels at what they do. They go above and beyond. They are truly the best of the best! That is the person we are looking for. We can’t wait to honor this person!

Nominating someone is easy. Just complete the nomination form below including the person’s name, background and the reason you feel this person should be the 2020 Financial Worker/Case Aide of the Year.

Please remember this person must be a member of the MFWCAA and nominations need to be submitted by 07/31/2020.

Kimberli Malecha from MNPrairie is the winner of the 2019 Financial Worker/Case Aide of the Year Award.

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Financial Worker/Case Aide of the Year

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